Post College Life

So I’ve graduated and now I’m back living with my parents, and I work full time Monday through Friday. My life now is a lot different then it was while I was going to school in Winona. During my days at Winona State life was a breeze, usually I would only have maybe three classes a day and Fridays were always optional (at least for me it was!). I would have time to see my best friends, and we could have Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings marathons whenever. Now after graduating and moving home I’m still adjusting, and I’m trying not to dwell in the past but its hard. I think about all of the memories I had with so many great people. I know college is over and now my real life has started.  So in spite of this change I’m trying to create new memories and start actually doing the things I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve created a list of things I want to do, cause I feel like if I don’t write them down they won’t happen.

1. Go to a broadway show, or comedy club

2. Go to a Wild, Wolves, or Vikings game

3. Wine tasting

4. Brewery tour

5. Visit Milwaukee and Madison- I have a college friend that lives there, and visiting her would be a blast.

6. Spring break trip with the girls- Last year we went to Cancun, and had a blast. I almost got taken away by the ocean the waves are crazy huge!

7. Vegas trip- I need to see Britney Spears or Shania live.

8. Lose weight and get in shape- Since begin home I’ve gained some weight and have been eating way more.

9. Have an amazing Halloween- I need to figure out what I’m going to do and what I’m going to be. Halloween is on a Friday after all!

10. Start blogging once a week- Writing is so important, and since college is over I need to keep up with it.

This is just the start to the list, and week by week hopefully I’ll knock some these things off the list!


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