Halloween is finally here…well tomorrow anyway! In a previous blog post I wrote about some potential costume ideas, but I’m actually not going as any of those ideas! I’m kind of slacking this year, and I didn’t have time or money to buy a good costume. So this year I’m going as cop, because it’s really easy to make with things you already have for a costume. I went to Target yesterday to find a cop hat and I bought a cop hat that came with aviator sunglasses, a badge, and a baton thing for only $10. For the rest of my costume I’m going to wear a navy blue shirt, black shorts, and black boots. All those things I already have, so I’m glad I won’t have to spend any more money. Hopefully people won’t be dressing up in Winona this weekend, because I don’t have any other costumes to wear. I also thought I would share some pictures of my Halloween costumes from previous years!






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