UberFacts: True or False?

On Twitter, you or your friends might follow an account called UberFacts, and recently I’ve been noticing they have making some ridiculous claims and I decided to find out if these “facts” are actually true. I only google searched on these claims, so I may be wrong in my findings.

1.  October 12, 2013 “Pisanthrophobia” is the fear of trusting people due to bad past experiences.”

False- This is not a real phobia when looked up “Pisanthrophobia,” on dictionary.com nothing came up, and when I used spell check Microsoft Word thought it was a misspelled word.

2. October 12, 2013 “In 1986, Steve Jobs launched his own clothing line for Apple fans.



3. October 12, 2013  “Clinomania is the excessive desire to lay in bed all day.”

False- I’m thinking if this one was true a lot of people I know (and me) would probably have this condition!

Again when I looked up this one on dictionary.com nothing came up, and spell check doesn’t recognize it as a word.

4.  October 13, 2013   “Extreme Ironing” is an actual sport – People go to remote places just to iron their clothes.”    

True-       Image


October 8, 2013 “The average person fears spiders more than death.”

False?- No way! Although spiders are pretty scary,  I would hope this is false for everyone!


Overall, most of the facts on the Uberfacts account were true, but some of “facts” depend on the person or people their about.


4 thoughts on “UberFacts: True or False?

  1. I follow this account on twitter, and I have always wondered about some of them. Thanks for clearing this up for the people who are too lazy to check for themselves (like me). Haha.

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