Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is my ultimate favorite holiday I just love dressing up as something else and seeing everyone’s costumes.  I haven’t figured out what I’m going to be but I have a few ideas:

1. Alice in Wonderland- It’s one of my favorite movies, and I already have blonde hair! I don’t really like any of the Alice costumes that are sold in stores, so if I were to be Alice I would probably make my own costume. 


2. Barbie- I’ve actually dressed up as Barbie for halloween a few years ago, but my costume needed much more glitz. So if I were to dress up as Barbie again my costume would look more like the picture below. 



3. Sandy from Grease- This would be super easy to recreate! I already have a black leather jacket and black top to wear, all I need would be leather leggings. 


4. Orbit Girl- I like this idea because I really haven’t seen anyone dressed up as her before, and its funny but still cute!





3 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. These are all really cute ideas! I think you would look really great as sandy from grease! If I had blonde hair I would totally love to do that. Super cute, and great ideas!

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