My Love/Hate Relationship with Nannying

   For the past three summers I’ve been a nanny for a nine-year-old girl named Avery.  At the end of the summer Avery and I acted like were sisters we would bicker and fight, but at the end of the day we always got along.

 Some days we would through on fashion shows, bake cookies, play Barbie’s, and my least favorite give Taylor (Me) an extreme makeover.  I wish I could show you guys a picture of one of her makeovers, but my phone is broken!

  Avery is an only child, and lives in wealthy suburb of St. Paul, and at times she could be a little brat.  Her parents traveled a lot on business, and I think this is why she would act out.




What a diva!


One day a friend of Avery’s came over to house and I was making the girls lunch in the kitchen.  The girls started talking about places they like to shop, and brands they like (which is crazy, cause I think the only stores I would talk about were like The Limited Too and Old Navy). 

Then Avery said to her friend and me, “Don’t you just hate it when people wear fake UGG boots, it’s like so tacky.” She would say these kind of snotty remarks about Target clothes, and shopping at places like Kohls or Jcpenny. These types of comments would drive me nuts, because I shop at those places and I’ve never owned real UGG boots!

Every time she would say something like that I would have to remind her how some people (including myself) cannot afford to shop at places like J.Crew, and that’s why they shop at Target.

But more about the good! Avery is the smartest little girl I know, and some days we would just talk about random stuff for hours and I felt like I was talking to someone much older.  We joked about boys, and we both love ice cream, so every week I would take her to a new ice cream spot.  

Although Nanning has its struggles, I would do this summer all over again!  




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