Fifty Shades of Grey Casting Choices


fifty shades


After months and months of waiting the Fifty Shades of Grey casting choices have finally been announced! In case you didn’t hear Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) will be playing Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson (The Social Network) will be playing Anastasia Steele. I’m a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy, and Hunnam does such a good job at playing a bad boy biker, it will be interesting to see him play such a different role. As for Dakota Johnson I don’t really know a lot about this actress, but all of the pictures I’ve seen of her she’s been blond. After Johnson dyes her hair brown to match Anastasia, I think Johnson will fit the role well. Some fans are extremely upset over the casting choices, and have began to petition for Matthew Bomer (White Collar) and Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) to play the main roles. The petition already has 23,666 signatures. I do agree with the fans that Alexis Bledel seems like a better choice, but this may be because her role on Gilmore Girls was like the younger version of Anastasia Steele. Overall, a lot goes into choosing the cast not just looks, and I’m excited to see how well Johnson and Hunnam do with these roles!



One thought on “Fifty Shades of Grey Casting Choices

  1. This is an interesting post and i really like it! I feel like everyone, including myself, was obsessed with the book and i cannot wait until the movie comes out! i didnt know who they had chosen to play, so thanks for filling me in! Great post.

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